Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17// Daily Beast (7/17):

Until the launcher nears a launch location it is carried on a truck, in this case Buk 332, covered in camouflage netting, was placed on a red low-loader hauled by a Volvo truck, accompanied by three civilian support vehicles.

On the morning of June 17 the convoy was spotted on various highways and rural roads weaving its way through Donetsk until it came to a town named Snizhne. There the caterpillar-tracked launcher was removed from the low-loader. Several residents of the town recorded shots of it moving out into the country looking like a top-heavy tank and by then on its own. With the help of satellite imagery, Bellingcat established the final launch site as the corner of a field near Red October.

Two eye-witness videos, one shot from north of the launch site and one from the south, show a trail of smoke as the missile soared up into the blue where Flight MH17 was cruising in an international air lane at 33,000 feet. The Dutch investigators verified the authenticity of the videos.

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