Making Federal Buildings Beautiful Again

Oh my goodness, a draft of a presidential executive order called Making Federal Buildings Beautiful Again. Good on NYRB about Federal Architecture and the President.

I take no position on it (having just come across the issue) but buildings the draft order gives as examples of the unlikable or ugly:

The Hubert H. Humphrey Building
The Francis Perkins Building
Robert C. Weaver Building

It gives as examples of attractive buildings those of Delano & Aldritch and John Russell Pope.

The question I continue to ask is — is this the road to nazism or to something stupider than that — the road to professional wrestling? Or is there a continuum between professional wrestling and nazism? Or are they equally bad?

I have to admit that modernism and professional wrestling are each in their own way so oppositely strange (though I’m inclined toward one and not the other) it seems fitting that some historical event would arise that would make them come to terms. On the other hand, professional wrestling is not actual wrestling and we stand legitimately afraid of the outcomes of being governed by its proxies.

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