OLD POSTS: Autobiography of my prime

“A work that is as encyclopedic in its triviality as it is mundane in its history…” Premise: my life over what I call the years of my prime, aged 30 to 50 say, has been extremely repetitious and uneventful: work at the coffee shop, walk to and from the coffee shop, sit at the computer at home. Does anything of note exist within that repetition and ordinariness? What separates one very similar day from the next? Is there a clue of some kind to be found in these differences? “As Thoreau set up his cabin my Walden, the author has set up his cabin — by a deep lake of extraordinary Sameness.”

THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MY PRIME (a history of the mundane)

I. Chance Sweepings ( Appendices: A , B , C , D, E )

II. WLK: Study of Sounds (long fragment) (fragment)

III. CPU: Ideas (fragment) (fragment)

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