Customer had studied library science in school but didn’t do anything with it. Worked at Marriott for thirty years. Now part time as parking attendant.

Working at the post office is stressful, said customer, somebody’s always over your shoulder. In my town as soon as four o’clock rolled around you saw a long row of them jeeps they use outside of the local bar.

Customer said he spent hours listening to this philosopher the attendant would really like, Jordan Peterson.

Customers ordered two iced soy lattes, an everything bagel with nothing, just toasted, and a plain bagel with cream cheese.

Customer didn’t need anything. Just came into say, Happy Thanksgiving.

Customer wanted a chocolate chip muffin for herself and a chocolate chocolate chip muffin for her sister.

“Thanks for everything,” was phrase that was heard. Brought to mind the same phrase being expressed in the movie “Mr. Roberts.”

Customer wore Jamestown Virginia shirt. Customer advised that he could unsubscribe from unsolicited advertisements in his emails if he wanted: you just have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the email where there’s a link that says “unsubscribe.”

Attendant wanted to explore the difference in the mindsets between those who leave the light on and those who don’t, those who close the door after them and don’t. Was it imponderable, was it irrelevant? The person who didn’t close the door behind them, for example, seemed a person who didn’t believe in doors at all. They had no use for the concealing or defensive properties of doors and saw them as just walls that may be busted through, easily beaten aside walls, which why would you build a wall up again after you’d just torn it down?

Customer had achieved goal of reading all of Agatha Christie’s novels.

Husband had thought his wife needed more oversight when with the kids on school projects, he began to say, but on reflection, felt it was actually his oversight that could cause the problem.  (She did a great job if he left them alone.)

Customer with fiance: our first date was here. Med decaf breve, medium au lait.

Today the family was just going to go into the city, have lunch and walk around. A long time since we’ve done that.


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