Hands qua can of beans (dream)

Attendant at home, dozing off with his arms folded, imagines one of his hands is actually a 15 oz. can of beans falling from his arms to the floor, which causes him to wake with a start…

This striking image has come not from the store where he works but from the store where he buys food on the way home from work; and where, routinely neglecting to pick up a shopping basket on the way in, he winds up walking the store with his arms full –often perilously full– of goods — frozen spinach and sprouts, generic diet ginger ale, and cans of beans.

If his arms are used as a basket, his half-dream has apparently hypothesized, might not his hands be reasonably construed as cans? Hands that will drop out from the over full arms? And so he has woken with a start.


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