Customer needing to paint because he was moving (not looking forward to it). Customer tearing guts out of toilet (should take about twenty minutes — some blockage). Customer, remodeling bathroom, knew enough about it that he could save himself a little money: doing the demolition work, re-installing the toilet, hanging some shelves (but he would have to contract out for the tile work.) Customer going to Scotland for week. Customer couldn’t put his finger on it but the attendant looked somehow… “clearer” today  (attendant wasn’t wearing his glasses, which had broken, was the thing.) (Attendant thought: glasses make one see more clearly, but, in the mind of this customer, I looked more “clear” because I was not wearing glasses.) Customer reported that, realizing she was about to fall, she’d suddenly recalled one of the maneuvers from her dance class, and as it were, “fluttered” safely to the ground. Plumber rubbed away with his hands the webs and built-up lint around the un-working machine and pointed out, feeling them all around, that “the washers were like new.” Glasses, slacks, well-trimmed beard — medium iced latte. Tattoos covering both arms, trimmed groomed orange beard: mushroom sandwich, large hot mocha. Customer said difficulty with overhydration was you were flushing out the electrolytes. Customer said El Salvador was safe and the fear of it was mainly media-driven. Customer said the County never stops telling you what to do, then, –‘what? you’re a big developer? Never mind!’ Attendant’s soft scream (inspired by a remembrance of some dumb or weak thing he said or did) became the first note of an idly hummed tune.

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