Customer’s two small children hugged their worn out mother: a long quiet embrace, obviously a special moment.

Being a person in need doesn’t immediately make you a person who evokes sympathy, considered the attendant, more often the opposite, on account of the pain. Also: a lot of assholes will find themselves in dire need.

“See you next year,” said the customers.

Priest left extravagant holiday tip. Asked his prediction for the new year, he said it would be “even better.”

Customer ordered grilled cheese with tomato and onions — did we have any other vegetables to put on it?

Customer ordered chicken salad sandwich on sourdough, medium mocha and brownie.

Customer said that while he respected the fact that nothing ever changed in this shop, from the menu to the furnishings to the attendant himself, there should really be a pennant for the local baseball team somewhere. They are world champions!

Customer laughed and shook head to think of how people inject politics into scripture.

Black customer, who went to white church, said he sometimes missed “his people’s music.” Black customer, who went to predominantly white church, said congregation was for the most part politically liberal. Attendant was asked, had he ever been to a black church?

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