Four everything bagels with plain cream cheese

Earlier that morning. A small iced coffee, a medium medium roast coffee, and four everything bagels with plain cream cheese. Get the four bagels, slice the four bagels: first bagel sliced and slices go in first toaster (presses down); second bagel sliced and slices go in second toaster (presses down); third bagel sliced and slices go in third toaster (same mechanism); fourth bagel sliced and slices go in third toaster, which is a double-loader.

Get the iced coffee and give it to the gal (well known gal been around forever), get the hot coffee and give it to her husband, another familiar figure. Get white paper bag from area beneath register. Get napkins from napkin dispenser by blender, a good wad. Get four wax paper bags from plastic bucket behind dispenser. Get white cream cheese from left side of top shelf of fridge beneath blenders and set on counter. Wait — then pop goes the first toaster (“pop” doesn’t quite describe it; “uh!”, a metallic “uh!” is closer, yet sounds even less right or too right — “uh!”): retrieve bagel, begin coating with cream cheese. Pop of the second toaster: retrieve and start coating.

Having applied the first strokes to the second, return to the already applied strokes of the first and start spreading and smoothing with the spreading knife. Bagel number one is done — apply top to bottom and push to the side. Pop of the third toaster. Retrieve third and fourth bagels. Push bagel two to the side a little and –no– push bagel two a little more to the side and so now it is a nice clear row of six browned bagel faces, a third of which are almost done.

Spread cream cheese around bagel two evenly, put top to bottom and push to the side. Pad on three and pad on four and smooth on three and smooth on four and smooth and spread on three and four a little more again, then put the tops to the bottoms not the tops to the tops as you have done a couple times in recent days so that now you have before you four everything bagels with cream cheese. Cut them in half from right to left, put them in wax bags from left to right, then put the small full wax bags in the large white empty paper one. Husband waiting on one of the stools.

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