Customer moving to Houston. Customer ordered two medium coffees and two chocolate chip cookies. Customer ordered five small hot chocolates (four with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, one without), two chais (one medium, one small) and four cookies (two chocolate chip, two peanut butter). Customer ordered three wheat bagels with butter and two small coffees. “Good holiday?” “Meal was good.” Customer ordered two sesame bagels (one butter, one cream cheese), one plain bagel with butter, and two medium medium roast coffees. Father had had surgery recently — medium mocha with extra shot and half the chocolate. Customer said every night his family had coffee together for hours, and had done this without interruption, his wife and him and then with the kids, for thirty years, “every night.” Customer’s holiday dinner nice but hosted at too loud a location, a lot of repetitions of the phrase COULD YOU REPEAT THAT?

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