Customer said he was glad attendant had forgotten the soup — he had already had enough to eat and would just have it the next time he came in.

The real suffering observed in the eyes of the customer as he ordered something, imploring eyes; then not an hour later, seeing him handcuffed and put in a squad car.

Customer said her momma was “her to the twentieth power,” was her “but even laughinger and louder.”

The way certain people put money in the tips receptacle indicating they’ve worked in hospitality: a manner of concealing the usually overly large amount they put in, thrusting their whole hand in.

The curve of the customer’s heel corresponded with that of his elbow, and the line where his rear met the seat mirrored that where his shirt met his pants.

Customer rotated his still wrapped brownie on the counter as he spoke– one edge per half independent clause spoken, I approximated.

Customer said she was involved in the Chamber of Commerce in a neighboring region and was impressed by the quality of the community around here — dogs and families, people out for walks in the evening.

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