That moment when you realize a person’s political identification

That moment when a customer’s hard-to-reconcile ideas about politics finally congeal into a well established political identification — oh so he is a Sanders supporter, oh so this is a Tea Party person. (I’d observe anecdotally this will seem usually to happen with people of your more extreme views to left and right who will dwell on the less commonly reported stories and whose ideas about things will seem to mirror each other at times — for instance, in support for Russia or in distrust of the Federal Reserve– making it hard to discern where they’re coming from. Another group in this category is immigrants who will sometimes seem to hold both left and right views, as I identify them, depending on the topic (eg. support for international institutions, left/ affirmative action, right). Conversely, and perhaps paradoxically, it is easier, on the basis of conversation alone, to discern the political identification of moderates, who will say the sorts of things, or the very things, that their proxies in government will say.)

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