Ecrivain Publique (“certifications and a van”)

I was delighted to learn there was such a thing, having felt that informally I’ve been doing this for years. Job applications, business letters, government forms. Maybe the next logical step career-wise for me. Perhaps include not just people who don’t know English well but people who don’t know computers well. To seriously undertake it: make inroads in Amheric, Mongolian, Facebook, strengthen Spanish, ins and outs of Medicare/ Medicaid/ Unemployment, spread the word among my non-native speaking friends… Buy a van with a table? I think it makes sense to have a moving office and work out of parking lots but having an awning out front where you can set up a table. Offer lowkey cheap English language lessons: reading newspapers, discuss politics. “Will read your novel but it will cost you.” Ecrivain publique, a public writer — I like the ring of that. (Also: become notary public and a dozen other things like that. CPR certified, etc., totally ramshackle. Opposite of career track: certifications and a van.)

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