All county fairs are good for it

Young women. Young woman going to the baseball game today, conversant in baseball. Very curvy young white woman, sensual yet with a kindly everyday face and slim white boyfriend. A young black woman who came in to sit with her black boyfriend, well-built gently mannered guy with green tattoos and a Navy-Federal card. (When he bought for himself another drink, after she had come in, I thought it was because she didn’t want anything and still he’d felt obliged to pay a certain “rent” for her presence.) White gal with her boyfriend: t-shirt said “Vineyard’s Vines”, or the like. (Pertaining to Martha’s Vineyard? Religious?) Young white gal with southern drawl seriously working or studying for two hours. Especially beautiful, to me, black-haired white gal with a soft voice I’d seen in here a couple weeks ago with her boyfriend, she’d reminded me. I had told them the county fair was coming up two weeks ago and so when I told her today it might be something worth checking out, she recalled I’d already spoken of it. I told another couple about it today too: “last day is tomorrow” I’d said — “is it good?” the young woman had said — “uh…” I’d stumbled, trying to recollect — “good for people watching,” the young woman had deftly supplied, “– oh yes yes definitely,” I had obligingly said. –“All county fairs are good for that,” had then said the laughing young woman.

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