Trying to think of what the customers who’ve expressed disappointment in America have said — what has disappointed them? For one person, it’s the size of the national debt and the quantity of cars. For another, it’s the lack of freedom of expression — how you can’t express an idea without someone getting upset or dwelling on the language. For another, it’s lack of basic standards and accountability. People make a mistake and nothing happens. An error occurs and nothing’s learned from it. Would like to ask, particularly the older customers, what the root of their disappointment is; and what piece of information would so pleasantly surprise them it could make them more optimistic about the country’s future. .. Going to try and ask about this.

What brings it to mind is customers of opposite politics being really very dour about where we are and what’s ahead — that’s the mood. (Though, by a lot of metrics, things seem not so bad, or quite good.)

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