Customer said his girlfriend had left the windows open and airconditioning on with the result that mould was everywhere and the place had to be condemned, the furniture burned.

Customer asked attendant if he thought a certain drink on the board was good. It sounded good. (Attendant was vague.) Customer replied he thought it sounded good and would try it next time he came in.

Customer described herself as studying to be a Physician Assistant.

Customer –friend or classmate of the preceding– asked if she could clip a bit off the plant that was on the bar — she hoped to grow a plant of her own from that clipping.

Handle of the dry mop became detached from the head of the dry mop. On vacuuming, attendant discovered and held up to the light the screw that had held them together.

Customer said yes he did know what actual medical professionals called a broken bone —  they called it a fracture — and surprisingly revealed a medical restraint on his wrist. Another customer knew what a metatarsus was, since his had been broken a few years back — a clean break that had healed nicely.

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