Customer said his infant daughter was crazy about these animals (pandas) apparently unaware (anyway, not acknowledging) that his shirt had a large panda face on it.

Customer hoped he wasn’t talking in an insensitive way but saw in the upsurge of LGBTQ communities an indication we were at the cusp of evolutionary change. (Maybe: we were changing the environment and the environment was changing us back.)

Customer said if he had an interest in laundering money –which he didn’t– he would send the attendant over the border in that hat, oh god.

Attendant: assuming that scientific knowledge had no practical application, would it still have any value? That is, was there any point in knowing that the sun was not a god in a chariot but a bunch of molecules undergoing a process, if we couldn’t use that information somehow? Customer: “We need to know, we have to know. We have to ask obvious questions about that sun god and in the process find out it’s not a god at all. And yes, we can do things with that knowledge.”

Attendant stopped customer’s narrative to ask her why she said she’d given the police officer a “smart reply”? What advantage had there been for her in doing that?

Customer had been struck by car while jaywalking, girlfriend reported. Had said to the driver -“why did you hit me”? “I didn’t see you,” driver had said. Taken to hospital but not seriously hurt, a sore knee.

Customer was doing okay, working part-time at the ABC store. (Was it busy?) Yeah it was busy (what were people buying?) Stuff for spritzers. (What were spritzers?) Champaign-y mixed drinks that were refreshing on hot days.

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