Customer said she hated driving down 12th street, which was so narrow. Customer said she was originally from a town outside Sacramento, possibly Roseville. Customer said her apartment building had really been going down hill in recent years. Customer said when she had moved into a new apartment years ago her neighbor had told her to get RAID MAXIMUM STRENGTH for the ginormous roaches they had (she did). Customer liked royalty and wasn’t as captivated by democracy — loved the opulent palaces of Indian kings. Older pedestrian who, a couple years ago, had dyed his hair jet black, then allowed it to go white, is dyeing it again, but a little more subtlely. (Probably pandemic related — another customer following similar pattern.)

Customer ordered hot chicken sandwich and blended coffee drink. Customers ordered three bagels, variously dressed, three assorted bottled drinks, and a large decaf iced vanilla latte with honey. Customer ordered two grilled cheeses, two cookies, and a large iced vanilla latte with honey. It was [a familiar figure] — Anything going on in local politics now? “No, it’s been fairly quiet.” How was McAuliffe polling? “Bout the same as the last election, looking good.” Customer ordered two vegetable quiches. Customer had previously ordered two buttered bagels. Attendant told amusing anecdotes about his bizarre weak: the story of him biting into a sponge; the story of the mice at home, how they had gotten in and what he had done to get them out and keep them out, and whether he had been successful or not; the story of how –usually reliable– he arbitrarily showed up for work at the wrong time on thursday, his mind having played a trick on him.

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