Captain Stubing look alike & Julio

Passing into Alexandria, conformity of 1960s concrete, its modern re-creations, South Arlington, having given way to the stately brick and classiness of downtown Alexandria, that foreign-ness of wealth much present at midday. Energetic slender Irish 60 yr old with his beer at 12. My take: a person far tougher than I was who would go far farther than I would for much less of what I’d ever consider worth it, doing that all day long. Also, Captain Stubing look a like: old, enjoying his meal, brighter than the rest of us, steering himself among the stately brick, holding fork and knife. I don’t mind it, one is sure he deserves it, but that brightness will seem queer and separate. Bright and smooth at that age, not a Buddhist but a professional, wealth. Faces of people eating on the sidewalk I have to pass. It’s all fine. Now to the park by the river: see the small single power boat in the large river and its sound dominates everything up and down the shore, in the whole blue sky. When its sound is gone the waves arrive, which holds a certain childish interest, watching the waves the loud powerboat has made, how the rip-rap and the pier has jumped to life, just like the child I saw the other day, stomping the puddle with his rubber boot to see.

Very non-plussed later to see a young man too aggressively encouraging his young gal companion to persist in their exercise regimen, both very handsome. She had wanted to stop; had told him she could go no further; had said “Julio no I can’t”; and yet Julio, running ahead of her, turned around, still running himself, and said please please please you can! and she did, and at that point I thought okay good for Julio. Then she wanted to stop again, and he wouldn’t allow it; then not long after that, she again said she must rest, but still he pleaded and begged and would not permit it. And when I eventually passed the young couple on the path, which took me a while on my brittle knees, he was actually physically pushing her forward from behind with both hands and straight arms.

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