What had fallen from that bird on the phone wire — it was rainwater from the phone wire that the bird had displaced in landing there.

“Now this is an example of the kind of thinking that will get me in trouble.” — Picking up a aluminum can from the road and putting it on the lip of the public trash can instead of within the public trash can. True, apparently the wrong choice….

Howsoever remote should be the name of that logical fallacy that gets you into trouble and which was the source of that choice — “recency effect” and quite a few other psychological traps you have no problem with, but howsoever remote, — thinking of something as having a one percent chance of happening when in fact it has a point zero zero one percent chance of happening– such as the chance of that can being recycled, if you put it on the lip.

Resemblance of this stretch to a boardwalk. Hollow sound they make. Star fish, sea shells, sand, sand buckets, shell-shucks, epiphanies — looking here and there for “epiphanies” when, however, they are neither here nor there “out there” but potentially everywhere “in here” — and a state of mind. They have contrived a conquest for shell-shucks (Crane.)


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