What was an expensive meal, a treat for the customer, twenty dollars? Not quite twenty dollars but like twenty dollars. Customer liked French toast very much –IHOP has the best French toast– but for a Belgian Waffle you should go to the Silver Diner.

At the library, something that was a bit unusual was that an older man at one of the computer stations was listening to music. Eventually, they told him to turn it down. The interesting thing was, I actually really enjoyed the music. I probably would have preferred not hearing it, but I was enjoying it.

Customers going to a show tonight — had I heard of a place called the 9:30? (Durand Jones & The Indications)

Attendant reprimanded for being too generous with a certain item. “We need customers,” he said.

Couple girlfriends: one ordered med iced latte with vanilla and honey and a bagel with cream cheese, one ordered a dirty chai and a hot chicken sandwich.

Couple girlfriends: one ordered everything bagel with butter, other ordered brownie and [drink that escapes me.]

Gal with her dog, his friendly big head out front: everything bagel with veggie.

The football team of the small college the customer had gone to was a division C team and they had not done very well on their season opener — the opposite, in fact — 38 to 16. But the thing that especially leapt out at him was the total running yards of his team during the game, which was negative 3. Negative 3, oh boy, they’re really gonna have to do something.

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