Customer: “Paul Wolfowitz is physically small”

Customer ordered small macchiato with added milk. (Had familiarity with French and French-Canadian lit.) Customer ordered two large lattes, bagel with butter, a bowl of soup. Customer ordered bowl of soup, cold turkey sandwich and large coffee.

Former cabbie talking about famous people he’d driven: Lindsay Graham, Newt Gingrich, Madeleine Albright, Paul Wolfowitz.

(Attendant knew another cabbie who had taken Gingrich and who said he hadn’t tipped — had he tipped? attendant asked — “no,” laughed the customer, an greying Ethiopian man and political conservative who loved NASCAR.)

Paul Wolfowitz — was that when he was at the world bank? “Yes, and I was surprised by how [physically] small and normal he seemed. These people are not special at all, you see; it’s the machinery of the state that gives them power.”

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