Customers (wife maybe from eastern europe, husband maybe Indian, and their child) having come from Hong Kong via San Francisco, only here for a day. Two small cappuccinos, one with an extra shot.

When customer’s order of small iced coffee did not meet the three dollar thresh-hold for a credit purchase, she decided she might as well have dinner here.

Customer demonstrated deep knowledge of the bible. Another customer said she had read the whole of the bible straight-through with the help of a reading group, which she recommended. She said the reason it was believable that Jacob could sleep with Leah while thinking it was Rachel was that Leah had been wearing a veil.

Customer who generally ordered a medium dark but would sometimes order a small dark (if he arrived later in the day) –who had done this for years– asked today if we offered a large size — and ordered his first large coffee here.

Poll: of the five people then in the store, 5 of them knew how to sing Cumbaya.

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