Yet another story from customer: story of the mustache clipper and tweezers held by a magnet beneath the rim of the lamp. (Dad would lay beneath the lamp with a beer and the mom would trim the dad’s whiskers.)

Customer with stressful IT job, two kids, wife a nurse practitioner, hour and half long commute during which he would listen to new age music to relieve stress.

Excitement by the community center: a dog had leapt out of the window of a moving car, was all I overheard about it.

Customer said that “blowing from the diaphragm” (which is what you were always told to do) was pure baloney. And to blow a note properly required essentially the same muscles as a cough — you needed to understand it as a sort of slow cough.

At a certain point his facility with the horn really came to astonish him: he was attaining new heights by leaps and bounds. When, eventually, he plateaued, he should have sought out professional instruction, he’d realized in retrospect, but at the time felt he was too old.

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