Chance Sweepings ABOUT/ FAQ

About Chance Sweepings –Based on notes taken over almost a decade and reminiscences spanning almost two on Columbia Pike; –About 30,000 words in length, representing a small fraction of raw notes taken; –Philosophically, interested in the mundane and ordinary; the question: What happens when nothing is happening? –Format non-traditional. More like a collage than a story, though threads of a narrative may be seen… The very opposite of a tell-all, the intention here has been to make a montage of the sort of things we’re all aware of already.

About Paul — Came to work at store in 2003 after a decade of bohemianism; — Started walking to work since 2005, three miles each way, during which time he estimates he’s walked about 28,000 miles on his commute alone, including around 5000 ascents of the famously steep “superman hill.” — Graduated without distinction, but with zeal, from a “Great Books School”, the reason for his occasionally lofty discussion; –Despite his work’s sometimes unpolished and even ramshackle appearance, he is not an absolute stranger to the writing art and was actually published in the Boston Review way back.

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