Customer ordered grilled cheese no tomatoes, a plain bagel with cream cheese, a small hot chocolate with skim milk and no whipped cream, and a brownie. “A what?” A chocolate brownie. Customer ordered small medium roast coffee and cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese. Customer ordered iced vanilla latte and two hot chicken sandwiches. Customer ordered medium green tea and cup of soup for here. Customer didn’t order his small medium roast, just put his two dollars on the counter and got it, then seeing customer who had ordered the cinnamon bagel said howyou do in girl w h ere you been hidin? Then the customer who ordered the green tea and soup said something I couldn’t make out to a customer and then said to the attendant that the soup had probably been warmed enough. Attendant saw customer who always ordered iced coffee — did he want an iced coffee? “Ice coffee today? you cuh-RAZy? Get me a capuccino. Do y’all have any non-dairy options?” Boss called asking about a delivery. “I’m busy,” said attendant. “Oh busy!” said boss, sounding excited — we were busy! Then customer came in, “am I too late? Two sandwiches. One for here and one to go. First one is lunch — I’m having a late lunch.”

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