Customers who bought coffee beans grounded or whole today —

— Gal in foreign service, in with her daughter before a dentist trip. Pound and a half. Beginning of day.

–Gal very well known, end of day, wanted half pound of Guatemalan grounded finely.

–Morning: the man who is transitioning back to this area from Pensa-cola. A pound.

–Gal from Baltimore whom I certainly haven’t seen during the last Covid year, maybe longer. Her mom, who she’d come down to see here, had been up there with her. Brother worked in grocery. All were fine. A pound.

–Ethiopian man who will come for Ethiopian coffee — a pound.

–a few others I can’t seem to recall.

Regular customer: the last time he had cut into someone like this had been seven years ago. This was at the dog park, where someone had refused him what he considered a simple courtesy. Escalated such that he had cussed out the other — did not now feel bad, felt charged and justified, he indicated.

Customer going with her boyfriend to Roanoke, three and a half hours they said. Customer had driven up from Greensborough NC to meet with friends and was now driving back. 6 and a half hours up and, she thought, probably 5 and a half hours back.

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