Summs’ severe writing discipline: r and s

When Summs returned he found himself in the mood to write, which he undertook in a number of stages, only gradually warming up to the activity we typically understand by that term.

First, he undertook ‘to write’ without paper or pencil, but only sat a table, his chair and his table being his only writing implements, so to speak. The table was the paper; the chair was his hand; he was his thoughts; and his spirit, his pen. Let this chair take hold, let him act

Failing at this, he next undertook to write with actual paper but without anything to mark it with, which he did both to respect the perfection of the paper without his egoistic addition to it and to be himself written on by its blankness, “to be written on by that which is itself to be written on,” as he put it. Finally, he did this as a way to respect the paper as a natural resource, which he knew he would be wasting if he wrote without care. Summs was exceptionally serious about this and would actually bow to the paper before him as a natural resource he consumed.

Next there was to write telepathically, taking up the pencil on the sideboard with his mind and moving it over the paper using only his thoughts.  And of course there will be many who doubt Summs could do this, just as there are many who will doubt that Summs could make himself into a giant, and that Summs could heal a woman’s blindness over the internet, or make himself the size of a thumb tack, and a hundred other such wonders we know for a fact Summs to have done. And though it’s true this particular pencil did indeed prove too heavy for him at this time, so that he had to retrieve it from the sideboard himself, he could easily reproduce hundreds of other sheets that he had scrawled upon with his merely “mental” writing in the past.

Finally, he took up the physical pen using his physical hands, which by this time, owing to the severe practice of his writing discipline, did themselves seem composed of thought, – seemed no longer arms in the usual flesh-and-bone sense, but mental tentacles, a continuance in a chain of thoughtful sentences– , and putting the pen to paper, he wrote with extreme care in beautiful flowing cursive the letter ‘r’ twenty times and the letter ‘s’ twenty times, each in both miniscule and majuscule, and it took about forty minutes.

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