To me this remake of Dune is almost exactly like the original Dune, and both follow the book very closely. (By way of being discriminating, I would say the first version had a lot more texture, is quirkier and preferable, while the new one is more ‘Hollywood’, — yet for that, has worse hunter-seekers and individual force shields. )

It is unclear why this movie was made; doesn’t significantly add or depart from what came before it; yet I am glad it was made, and have enjoyed watching it. My harshest word against the remake is that it seems to remake the movie not the book.

The interesting thing about this to me is that, as a youth, the first Dune was famous for being one of the first million dollar movies, and it bombed. I wonder what has changed that would make this story a big hit now? In a mystical vien, one might imagine it’s our relationship to oil and the Middle East that’s changed.

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