Customers’ investment styles

Customer said father was drug addict, died young. Customer described himself as a “gold bug.” Attendant thought it was interesting that the other customer who’d told him he’d put his savings in gold also described himself pejoratively as a “gold bug.” I’m a gold bug, this customer had plainly said.

Who were the customers who had said they’d invested in Bitcoin or other crypto currencies: young (20s-30s) single white tradesman; 45ish white professional, family man; 20’s single South Asian American (bicycle technician); Single young (20-30s) Ethiopian man (green card), in hospitality/ concierge. Customers who thought it was dumb (including one of my “gold bugs”) were mainly over 60.

Another customer had said he invested only in Treasuries, wouldn’t touch stocks. Another customer said he had sold at the bottom in 2008, couldn’t afford to see his 401k go down to zero. Another customer had been “living the life” before the tech crash, declared bankruptcy after, the margin calls coming in, but had recovered: had a house, a rental property, a Cadillac (which latter he always traded in as the warranty expired) and continued to enjoy playing the market.

Customers were boisterous but good-hearted teens.

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