Q: Where is life not merely destroyed
but flattened so that there can be no doubt? [here]

Q: are cars “readers”, for whom stops are periods and yield’s commas and asphalt and route varieties varieties of text [no.] […] and garages, and car ports, and are diacritics like nobs on airconditioners….? [no.]

Q: where had that phrase rolling around in you, as you envision this world on fire –“on fire with decay”– come from? [A book — Winesburg, Ohio.]

Boring things. The stump at the corner of WR &19th, for instance. One could imagine it being carved into something interesting, one could imagine it being carved into something even more boring. One could imagine attaching a small metal placard to it so you had to stoop to read what it said: “stump.” What quality does it share with other boring things? A Stop Sign is boring but shines out with its use. Things that are necessary are interesting within a scheme.

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