Customer described serious blow-up over holidays with relatives. “Never going back there.”

Customer said: “you know what I’m having! Hot chicken sandwich with a bowl of soup!”

Customer enthused that another customer had left their People Magazine behind. She’d been missing the magazine since she cancelled her subscription.

Customer said it had been her thing for a while, reading War & Peace in the language she was learning at the time. Russian, French, German… Read it many times.

If you were superior to another person in some respect, according to customer, you oughtn’t to come off that way. You shouldn’t “seem as you were” in that case, though generally speaking, you should “seem as you were” and be genuine.

Customer’s New Year’s day morning run had been great with no one else out there. “They were all nursing hangovers,” he laughed. (It was a slow pace for that distance but he had been trying out new gaits.)

Maxim: “Customers who take pleasure in exercising their reason (problem solving) do not take pleasure in exercising their memory (trivia).”

Customer who worked at utilities: red marks were for power, yellow was gas, green was sewer, blue was for water and orange was for cable. He’d had guys from the Pentagon come after him drawing guns. You had to be careful about getting too close to certain cables around here.

Customer hated space program– too much money, too many issues on terra firma… sore spot with him.

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