Opposite of a grave stone

“Why not a ‘Knight of Faith’?” (Those were extremely special cases. Father Abraham, the Virgin Mary…) “Why not a ‘Knight of Faith’?” (I really should be capable, should really strive, to perform the absurd, by which I don’t mean of course, be absurd, which requires no striving, unless it is only by erroneously striving that one is made absurd. Being oneself might be being absurd.) “Why not a Knight of Faith’?” (If I were to disobey reason, I would do what people without reason do; I would not do what people with faith do. If I were to disobey reason, I would perform a crime and be unethical; I would fail within, not go beyond, ordinary ethical constraints). “A still small voice” is the voice beyond all the evolutionary voices. “It is the voice that doesn’t evolve because it came into existence evolved and is our essential voice. To evolve beyond it would be to become something else, not human.” “A log of burning rubles”, so when you’re having greedy “evolutionary thoughts”, for example, when you think of how much better your life would be without economic restraints, think of The Idiot‘s burning roll of rubles, which is such a great scene. burning roll of rubles — good band sideproject name as well.

Children having scrawled their names in colored chalk on preschool wall. I recall two of the four names — Nora and Calder. Something oddly evocative about the large colorful childishly written names — these personalities having entered the world — these ancient spirits having slipped through The Vault, Nora and Calder. “Nora and Calder will soon be my bosses.” (Who was it that let these bosses through The Vault?)

(Nora is the name of the dog of a customer while Calder suggests Caldera, smoldering — caused by subsidence says Wikipidia. These names written large and with enthusiasm on the wall. “Our names come in and our names go out,” — the opposite of a gravestone, that nursery school wall.)

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