Customer ordered medium iced decaf latte and everything bagel with veggie cream cheese in person. Customer ordered portabello sandwich and grilled turkey sandwich over phone. Customer said strength contained in his dog’s forepaws was hard to believe. Customer ordered medium hot chocolate, large iced americano, and three bagels with butter (family going to renaissance fair) in person. Customer ordered small orange juice, small cider, large coffee, and a medium latte. (I recall that order extremely clearly now, but at the time, having ten open bagel faces in front of me, and wrestling with questions of what bagel spread was to go on which bagel face, I found myself confused as to which drink went with which size, though I’d just been told this, and told it again; and when I couldn’t recall the proper drink size, I suddenly started to question the proper drink type… as if all the bagels and all the drinks, which had formerly appeared in an orderly shelf of the mind, first to last, had now been tossed into a sort of trash receptacle of the mind, and I was looking into the can, which was filled with a lot of other things too, trying to discern concretely what was there and the proper order. As a result, I’d needed to ask him to repeat this straightforward drink order several times — small juice, small cider, medium latte, large coffee.) Customer was “army brat”, had lived here fifty years since she was seventeen, wearing seasonal attire.

Customer became choked with emotion and teary-eyed as he translated in real time for attendant the lyrics to the Spanish language song he was listening to on youtube: “I call you but you won’t pick up the phone/ I know I made the mistake of my life.” (Previous to translation, he’d been enjoying the song without emotion, just listening to something he liked.)

Imagining a straight Line between the two sole customers currently in the store; if bisected, the midpoint would be about a meter off the ground between table one and table two; and if extended, it would hit the new, perhaps not yet opened, Pilates Loft across the street.

Across the street: Landscaper, with extraordinary vim, launches spade the green patch within the tree guards repeatedly.

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