Incapable of discerning which of two days it might be, for an uncomfortably long duration

This was that common feeling of not knowing quite what day it was, but one that persisted an unusually long time. Was it Wednesday morning, in which case I had two shifts in front of me before I had a day off, or was it Thursday morning, in which case I had only the one shift left and would have tomorrow free?

I searched my memory both forward and back, asked myself three and four times — and still I didn’t know. I could remember certain aspects of the preceding day, but nothing about those aspects identified the day on which they occurred. I gradually came to feel that not only did I not know whether it was Wednesday or Thursday, but did not know, on the basis of thinking alone, how I might come to know.

Ultimately I established it was indeed Thursday morning because I realized I only had one fresh work shirt left (If I’d had two it was likely to be wednesday, three tuesday, etc.) but I couldn’t confirm it independently through my memory until sometime much later.

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