Same dream as Kafka?

I woke the other morning with a dream of being surrounded by women on stilts and thought this might be the same vision as Kafka entertained toward the conclusion of his early unpublished novel Amerika (which is not, I believe, the title he gave it himself.)

However, looking at the passage again, it seems I’ve misremembered: they were not on stilts but on platforms, hundreds of women dressed as angels, blowing trumpets (Muir translation):

“Before the entrance to the race-course a long low platform had been set up, on which hundreds of women dressed as angels in white robes with great wings on their shoulders were blowing on long trumpets that glittered like gold. They were not actually standing on the platform, but were mounted on separate pedestals, which could not however be seen, since they were completely hidden by the long flowing draperies of the robes. Now, as the pedestals were very high, some of them quite six feet high, these women looked gigantic, except that the smallness of their heads spoiled a little the impression of size, and their loose hair looked too short and almost absurd hanging between the great wings framing their faces.”

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