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I’ve become everything I always hated and now I’m so much happier.

March 21, 2022

I’d been thinking about this line from Woody Allen’s Celebrity recently and raised it with some of the customers this weekend for fun. (That is an amazing line, said one customer, truly astounded.)

Can’t recall at all what this pertained to in the movie but want to say it involved a shift from idealism to materialism.

The question is, might pursuing our aversions hold the key to our liberation?

Job Revelation

March 20, 2022

A “Job Revelation” (that is, a revelation about the book of Job) on my walk to work this morning —

The idea is — As Satan is to God so are Job’s friends to Job… Specifically, Satan thinks Job’s righteousness is because of his good fortune (of course, Job is righteous when he’s been made so wealthy) while Job’s friends argue that his bad fortune is the result of his unrighteousness (of course, Job has been unrighteous; otherwise God would not afflict him with misfortune). Job and God seem in agreement, on the other hand, that Job’s good or bad fortune is not an issue that directly appertains to the issue of his righteousness.

A sort of anti-prosperity gospel, in a word

March 19, 2022

Customer ordered medium iced decaf latte and everything bagel with veggie cream cheese in person. Customer ordered portabello sandwich and grilled turkey sandwich over phone. Customer said strength contained in his dog’s forepaws was hard to believe. Customer ordered medium hot chocolate, large iced americano, and three bagels with butter (family going to renaissance fair) in person. Customer ordered small orange juice, small cider, large coffee, and a medium latte. (I recall that order extremely clearly now, but at the time, having ten open bagel faces in front of me, and wrestling with questions of what bagel spread was to go on which bagel face, I found myself confused as to which drink went with which size, though I’d just been told this, and told it again; and when I couldn’t recall the proper drink size, I suddenly started to question the proper drink type… as if all the bagels and all the drinks, which had formerly appeared in an orderly shelf of the mind, first to last, had now been tossed into a sort of trash receptacle of the mind, and I was looking into the can, which was filled with a lot of other things too, trying to discern concretely what was there and the proper order. As a result, I’d needed to ask him to repeat this straightforward drink order several times — small juice, small cider, medium latte, large coffee.) Customer was “army brat”, had lived here fifty years since she was seventeen, wearing seasonal attire.

Customer became choked with emotion and teary-eyed as he translated in real time for attendant the lyrics to the Spanish language song he was listening to on youtube: “I call you but you won’t pick up the phone/ I know I made the mistake of my life.” (Previous to translation, he’d been enjoying the song without emotion, just listening to something he liked.)

Imagining a straight Line between the two sole customers currently in the store; if bisected, the midpoint would be about a meter off the ground between table one and table two; and if extended, it would hit the new, perhaps not yet opened, Pilates Loft across the street.

Across the street: Landscaper, with extraordinary vim, launches spade the green patch within the tree guards repeatedly.

March 18, 2022

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The last doge was Ludovico Manin,
………who abdicated in 1797, when
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Sniffing and Talking to Pets but not to Attract Notice

March 17, 2022

I notice that you tend to sniff when passing people on the street. I wonder, do you do this to get their attention for some reason, or to inform them of your presence?

No.  I think it has more to do with trying to avoid being seen with a runny nose. I think this especially because I sniffed just now while being passed by an automobile, and while I could not plausibly have been trying to attract the driver’s attention by this means, I might plausibly have been worried that they would see my nose run. Additionally, it would be an odd way to attract the positive notice of another person, wouldn’t it?… (Another possibility is that I sniff a lot at certain times of year and am only cognizant of it in the presence of other people, especially women.)

I notice that women walking dogs tend to talk to their pets as they pass you or as you pass them, do you feel that it is to attract your notice, and to make a demonstration of what nice, solicitous people they are?

No. I think women may in general be especially sensitive to the social awkwardness of two people being in close physical proximity without acknowledging each other, and try to obviate or mollify it by talking to their pet. It is also possible that people will talk to their pets quite a lot.

Funny thing — just as I am concluding these thoughts, I hear a sniff. It is a young woman approaching me, athletic type. She looks briefly over to me while we pass and, judging by her expression, I would guess that she’d like to kill me — a look of total hostility.

Akwardness, a thingamabob.

March 16, 2022

Awkwardness: customer described awkwardness of having a meeting about his long term plans with an employer he knew he would shortly be leaving.

Customer described ‘L’ or right angle with right index finger — up, down, left, right, while keeping hand itself immobile — as he referred to a thing whose specific name, if it had one, made no difference — a thingamabob.

March 15, 2022

.. ;-_)
?.–.-` ;-_- –\
?.–.-` ;-_.–._.(
?.–.-` ;-_.–.- -. \
?.–.-` ;-_.–.- -_.. -‘)
.–.-` ;-_.–.- -_.. -‘-|
……….. E i
To an extent I think conceptual works of art really require a degree of  brass that a person doesn’t have, but I think this post may contain some of its other essential attributes.

March 13, 2022

Kicking through the leaves that have gathered in this gulley — each day as it comes.

March 12, 2022

Branch of plant, long and alone, reaching like a circus performer toward a tree crotch.

Opposite of a grave stone

March 10, 2022

“Why not a ‘Knight of Faith’?” (Those were extremely special cases. Father Abraham, the Virgin Mary…) “Why not a ‘Knight of Faith’?” (I really should be capable, should really strive, to perform the absurd, by which I don’t mean of course, be absurd, which requires no striving, unless it is only by erroneously striving that one is made absurd. Being oneself might be being absurd.) “Why not a Knight of Faith’?” (If I were to disobey reason, I would do what people without reason do; I would not do what people with faith do. If I were to disobey reason, I would perform a crime and be unethical; I would fail within, not go beyond, ordinary ethical constraints). “A still small voice” is the voice beyond all the evolutionary voices. “It is the voice that doesn’t evolve because it came into existence evolved and is our essential voice. To evolve beyond it would be to become something else, not human.” “A log of burning rubles”, so when you’re having greedy “evolutionary thoughts”, for example, when you think of how much better your life would be without economic restraints, think of The Idiot‘s burning roll of rubles, which is such a great scene. burning roll of rubles — good band sideproject name as well.

Children having scrawled their names in colored chalk on preschool wall. I recall two of the four names — Nora and Calder. Something oddly evocative about the large colorful childishly written names — these personalities having entered the world — these ancient spirits having slipped through The Vault, Nora and Calder. “Nora and Calder will soon be my bosses.” (Who was it that let these bosses through The Vault?)

(Nora is the name of the dog of a customer while Calder suggests Caldera, smoldering — caused by subsidence says Wikipidia. These names written large and with enthusiasm on the wall. “Our names come in and our names go out,” — the opposite of a gravestone, that nursery school wall.)

March 7, 2022

Customer described serious blow-up over holidays with relatives. “Never going back there.”

Customer said: “you know what I’m having! Hot chicken sandwich with a bowl of soup!”

Customer enthused that another customer had left their People Magazine behind. She’d been missing the magazine since she cancelled her subscription.

Customer said it had been her thing for a while, reading War & Peace in the language she was learning at the time. Russian, French, German… Read it many times.

If you were superior to another person in some respect, according to customer, you oughtn’t to come off that way. You shouldn’t “seem as you were” in that case, though generally speaking, you should “seem as you were” and be genuine.

Customer’s New Year’s day morning run had been great with no one else out there. “They were all nursing hangovers,” he laughed. (It was a slow pace for that distance but he had been trying out new gaits.)

Maxim: “Customers who take pleasure in exercising their reason (problem solving) do not take pleasure in exercising their memory (trivia).”

Customer who worked at utilities: red marks were for power, yellow was gas, green was sewer, blue was for water and orange was for cable. He’d had guys from the Pentagon come after him drawing guns. You had to be careful about getting too close to certain cables around here.

Customer hated space program– too much money, too many issues on terra firma… sore spot with him.