Attendant encountered in supermarket by customer: “heh, you look a lot different than you do at the coffee shop!” then her small son leapt forward and began to dance. It can sometimes be awkward encountering customers off-site but not on this occasion.

Customer from Okinawa. Did she like Kurosawa? She laughed — too old. Ozu? Hadn’t heard of, what did you call him… ? What did she like — Manga.

Dream: Larry David was new employee at the store and I was showing him the ropes — “Come on, let me make that fruit smoothie, I really think I’d be great at it, come on.” Fast forward and long after the smoothie should have been finished it’s still sitting in the blender, which hadn’t been turned on. Ingredients don’t look right either — fruit floating in a lot of water. “Were you going to turn this on?” I ask him. “Sure, sure, I mean, if you really want me to…” “No, not that button!” I say, lunging for Larry’s finger…

In the series, the blender’s contents would have gone all over the store and Larry would have been fired on the spot. In the dream, I suddenly found myself in the roaster room, scooping up coins with a dust pan.

Dream. Friend’s father is starting an online stock brokerage and wants me to type up a simple sentence or two, like “now offering six dollars per trade”, problem is, there is no type writer. My dream-like solution to this is that I’ll enroll in a class at the community college and ask a fellow student if I can borrow their typewriter, but this is taking a lot of time (I’ve enrolled, but I’m hesitating about asking the acquaintance, because I should really be prepared with my own work materials, etc.) and I’m thinking of how incompetent the friend’s dad must think I am, “a person who can’t even type up a simple sentence.” I feel so worthless and bad about this by the end of the dream that when I wake I’m trying to alter the dream’s conclusion with my conscious thought — “I did it,” I’m telling myself, trying to visualize it like in a dream, “I’ve handed him the typed up sentence, and he likes it.”

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