Customer was regular customer who wanted to talk “right and left side of brain functionality.” We’ve already covered that ground, said attendant. Customer was regular customer who wanted to talk Jack Lucas. (Attendant was unfamiliar with Jack Lucas, a U.S. war hero.)

Customers were notably brilliant and hip for these parts, an aura or clear halo around them we were without. From District, looking at cabinets next door- woman’s top had elegant floral pattern, man wore retro “enjoy coca cola” t-shirt.

Customer showed picture of burnt grilled cheese she’d had delivered from nearby restaurant, which she’d had sent back. “You just scrape that off,” said other customer seeing the picture. “Yeah, that’s not so bad,” attendant said, thinking of some of his own creations… Customer said that they wouldn’t have served that in the restaurant but since it was delivery they “don’t fear the repercussions.”

Customer was very slim tall beautiful young white woman wearing a sort of monochrome deep blue short-shorts and t-shirt outfit with USA emblazoned in red across the shirt. Attendant had idly thought to himself that since this woman couldn’t possibly be an American she must be an Eastern European — but she was actually an American.

Customer asked attendant what was capital of Russia? “Moscow.” Attendant asked customer who wrote Crime and Punishment? “Gorbachev.”

Customer said of Danbury, where he was from — a cool town with bad parts. Yes they did have a history with hat-making and one of their sports teams was in fact named The Mad Hatters.

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