Need to start over. Where was a I again. Unfriendliness of person: it’s not just you it’s their ambition. Unfriendliness of person: didn’t want to imply sexual signal. Unfriendliness of person: wasn’t unfriendly, just doing own thing. Unfriendliness of person: matronly modesty/ genteel disdain. Unfriendliness of person: Covide related, though there’s never been a good case for outdoor transmission. Friendliness of person: acknowledging you as you acknowledge them. Friendliness of person: not acknowledging you but it isn’t fraught with judgment or meaning. Friendliness of person: despite all the coldness of intrapersonal relations around here taking a risk to say hi and sounding natural. Overfriendliness of person: sex or religion believed somehow involved. Overfriendliness of person: friendliness.

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