how can a random person be asked “what is the meaning of life?”

What are we here for? What is the human race here for? had asked customer. Too broad and impractical a question, I responded. But now, by myself, what was the answer? What was the answer? To Glorify god? Live a just life? Embrace the random chance with which we’d been brought into being? Even if I rejected the question, it was in a sense incredible that I had no substantive answer. And yet how can a random person be asked “what is the meaning of life?”

Then later I’m walking home and I recall for the first time in a long time, twenty years, the anti-science films I was shown in an evangelical church when I was growing up. Evidence that dinosaurs were only five thousand years old, sort of stuff, was what they were showing and being shown in that church. Not surprising the distrust in science today.

What is the meaning of life is to seek out the meaning of life. What is it to be a human being; it is to know we are the most advanced form of life on this planet and so must nurture and shepherd all the other life forms. To be a human being is to be a voice for all the other life: to speak out and say we are this; we have won this, suffered this, encountered this, were wrong in this. That we seek to share these things and be not alone.

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