Equidistant parallel motionless duck bills

“Nice to see a good habitat for the cicadas in the woods and brambles beside the path here,”: this is their “downtown”, lot of shit going down in these leaves boy, gif of fat patch of green where cicadas “know what’s goin on”, gif of the deep greenery with flying insects in an out.

Cicada lands on a grass stalk tip, which bends beneath his weight, and turns him upside down, but doesn’t reach all the way to the ground. “Must have had a sense it could support its weight. Suspended him just right.” (I did not stay to witness what next the upside down insect did.)

Did willing myself to remember things make me actually remember them? Memory not like an arm one can flex or not, a hand with which to grip or let go, but like an unwieldy light beam, a stage light, one could direct here and there, but not with the guarantee of finding anything. (What was the name of that actor again.) Actor goes in and out of the curtain as the light goes up and down the stage. (Alan Alda was the name of the actor that both stepped from the curtain and was struck by the light.)–but in fact I was thinking of Gavin Mcloud.

Another shingle in a curb. “Ducks in a row” in the stream — literally ducks in a row — four parallel equidistant motionless bills pointed shoreward — seemingly docked. Dock and duck not related etymologically. Duck the noun seems to come from the verb — it is an animal that ducks — ‘dock’ is less certain, the most interesting etymology has it arising from the furrow created by boats drawn up on the beach.

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