Idea that a person to be truly cool could have no political views

Idea of a writing career: work to make something unique then hope you get lucky. Thinking intensely of a physical attribute, let’s call it, of which I’m intensely ashamed. There seemed always to be one of those for every stage of life. Sitting there, lying there, feeling ashamed, feeling paralyzed, wanting desperately the deus machina, knowing I’ll have to face it, knowing waiting only makes it worse. (What do most people die of when they’re lost in the woods, had asked the Anthony Hopkins character in the David Mammet movie The Bear? Of shame, had said Anthony Hopkins.)

Looked up font of Google Logo (product sans or Google sans), changed in 2015 to accommodate different platforms. What was the technical term for a heartshape? (cardioid.) What was it about coolness: was it a valid ethical goal to be cool as opposed to say “good”? (The cool person wasn’t going to be a martyr for society or curb his own liberty for others’ admiration. Coolness was a sort of Taoist ethic that ran counter to, or was subversive to, or was the underside of, the dominant more rigid Confucian-Christian ethic of U.S. capitalist society.) Idea that a person to be truly cool could have no political views.

Triple divide peak in Montana: depending upon which face of the mountain rain fell, it would end up flowing into the Atlantic, Pacific or Arctic Ocean — wild. Looked up evapoconcentrate (what it sounds like, residue of an evaporated fluid.) Looked up dia-letheism (philosopher on twitter called it her most controversial position — that a statement can be both true and false) and ethylene (scientist on twitter had surrounded her avocado in bananas to make it ripen faster) and the “Eyes of Texas.” (Song of the football team of the University of Texas, controversy about lyrics.)

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