Customer: rabbit likes berries, will start thumping his feet if doesn’t get berries, and we give him them just to make him stop. People think of rabbits as cute and fuzzy — no. Got this one for ten dollars at a farm in Warrenton.

Customer with biochem background dropping the idea that a vaccine might not be found. She was hopeful at this stage, she said, but sure, there were instances of it taking a long time to find a vaccine and instances of a vaccine having never been found — HIV.

I was surprised by the word the lady customer used to describe the excessive salt content of a food item she’d had recently, but which I now can’t recall — vaccinated by salt, inumbrated by salt — some sort of interesting word choice or usage.

Incident Report

Unidentified Person appeared and sat at the lone table outside to work at computer without purchasing anything. Attendant, not leaping into action, thought “– unless a customer needs the seat.” 45 minutes later, a customer needed the seat, or rather, the table, so attendant, feeling he was obliged to, went out and said something to the person. The unidentified person responded that he had been there that morning and purchased something and felt he still had a right to the seat — “I have no problem with that at all,” he’d even boldly asserted to the attendant. Attendant agreed, explained he couldn’t have known he’d been a customer earlier, and went back in, which concluded the incident.

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