It’s the machinery of the state that gives them power

customer proud of herself for finding a new place so soon after learning her landlord wouldn’t renew the lease — Experience.

What was mental toughness? Mental toughness was fighting through all the reasons you gave yourself for not doing the thing you set out to do, customer said.

finally found some shoes, said customer. After all that zappos and amazon, this guy was actually selling them out of his own house.

Customer said he never read signs — signs on doors, signs on the street, for some reason, just never had.

Interesting about this religious person: he evinces extreme faith (belief in faith healing) and extreme doubt (“That Jesus rose from the cross is a lie.”) but never middle ground (a figurative notion of the bible). It either happened or it didn’t and he would toggle between the two positions rather than seek to reconcile them.

Former cabbie talking about famous people he’d driven: Lindsay Graham, Newt Gingrich, Madeleine Albright, Paul Wolfowitz.

(Attendant knew another cabbie who had taken Gingrich and who said he hadn’t tipped — had he tipped? attendant asked — “no,” laughed the customer, an old politically conservative Ethiopian man who loved NASCAR.)

Paul Wolfowitz — was that when he was at the world bank? “Yes, and I was surprised by how [physically] small and normal he seemed. These people are not special at all, you see; it’s the machinery of the state that gives them power.”

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