The meaning of “G”

Morning slow, week slow, Boss says how do I pay rent? Customer asked if marinade for portabello mushrooms was vinegary. Customer said he couldn’t believe this was the 15th anniversary of 76er fans booing Destiny’s Child. Time flies! Customer said she was so into basketball because she grew up in KY. Allen Iverson introduced an urban look into professional basketball though that hadn’t been the case in Georgetown where John Thompson would never have allowed it. Customer said his mother was super focused on her hatred of the president. Customer said she hadn’t gone on vacation this summer but did quit her job and got her driver’s permit. Customers were members of local highschool chorus taking break from nearby fundraising campaign. Customer was coach of his daughter’s soccer team (what position did she play?) Center fullback.

Steve came in and called me by my name and Nancy came in and called by my name and Charles came in and called me by my name and now the one beautiful girl, whom I’d never seen before, and whose sandwich I was handing over, said “now I know who to thank for this.”

Interesting moment: Boss’s wife was making and packaging the sandwiches during the rush and she had put a large ‘G’ on the bag for one of the sandwiches and for the life of me, having worked there nearly twenty years, I could not guess what that G might have stood for and  had to ask her. “Grilled Cheese”, she said

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