what should the overbody strive to become?

the body over the body is the reason why you cry, not when you’re in pain, but when someone merely seems like he wants to hurt you and touched you in that way. Though you would never cry at the actual pain, you would cry at the thought of being hurt and that is the body over the body, which came to mind and I forgot to note it down, the body over the body which is perhaps also related to why we fear others’ thoughts. (Because, you see, this body over the body has a brain over the brain that deals with such things as thoughts that aren’t said and that maybe aren’t thought. A lizard skin.)

Another example: a person without a body over the body says out loud what those with only two bodies only think.

And here we all are, with two bodies and two brains and we know one of them simply isn’t natural (is more social or urban) looking for a soul or for something anyway authentically non-subject to the same demands all human bodies are. Does the overbody and brain need to be melded back into the underbody or would that make us uncivilized again? (The overbody is composed at least in part ideas like temperance, restraint — virtue.) But if not that then what should the overbody strive to become? How does it bring the underbody along?

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