A specific moment like syzygy

A specific moment like syzygy where, as I pass the fence post, the lamp posts of the distant basketball court will align with each other. Name for where the tire meets the wheel (wheel rim?) which is bright red on that motorbike. Cross hatches in the iron of the manhole cover; scattered waves of grass cuttings, dried out by days of sun.

Bright lit concrete path cut in half by dark bush shadow cheese, onion, soda, beer, apples, and tortilla Tennis court broom aslant tennis court fence. (Fees fresh, fees fresh) Now Speeding up to outpace sudden arc of water cast by lawn sprinkler, getting one drop above, and one drop below, the sock line. (Symbolism.)

Argument: “I try to live well but this generates Facts and it’s only when I live as it were badly that I find an animating spirit to make a connecting sense of these Facts.” Counterargument: no you do not ‘try.’  Counterargument: for a person with as little to lose as yourself you sure do make some conservative choices, why? Argument: Finnegans Wake has it right and we actually cannot “say anything.” (Finnegans Wake makes no such claim that you know about.) Argument — Blake: Reason is goodness and provides laws and bounds, Evil is energy and a creative force.

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