I’ve had to take another workshirt out of the rotation of presentable workshirts. The Aeropostal shirt that a customer had left five or six years ago, and which had remained in the lost and found for a year, and which I then wore two days a week ever since, had been ripped above the breast pocket outside the Harris Teeter as I hastened home with a Severe Storm warning in effect.

Remaining warm weather work appropriate shirtsgrey collared buttoned striped long-sleeves (hand me down); green striped collared buttoned short sleeves (handmedown); blue collared non buttoned short sleeves, with small bleach stains mainly concealed by work apron (handmedown); (this last shirt I had removed from my work appropriate category years ago, but coming across it recently, and finding my standards much declined, reintroduced it to the work appropriate category); my backup shirt in extreme circumstances is a purple collared shortsleeved polo shirt, which I don’t know how it entered my possession, and may be a woman’s shirt.

(a) need to buy a shirt or two, (b) would “like to give a little more thought to my personal presentation (c) since this was written, grey collared buttoned has been “let go”; blue collared non-buttoned has been “degraded to sleeping shirt status”; and green striped collared has been put indefinitely on the injured list. Two rookies from Amazon Essentials have been drafted well within the salary cap — a forest green and a yellow I thought was beige — and are now in the starting line up.

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