Haven’t thought of these artists in the same breath before

Had to think/ couldn’t think; tried to “absorb this”/ didn’t “absorb this”; thing to have been “absorbed” had instead “ricocheted” or/ “bounced right off” the / hardened element I might have wished had been more absorbent. . . . Eon, era, epoch, period; The hadean period, The phanerozoic eon. The Battle of Forest of Tuetenburg, The Glossary of Ballet terms. Idea that Malone Dies (Beckett) is comparable to 8 1/2 (Fellini): both are artworks about artists completely lost in their project, don’t know how it began, don’t know how to bring it to an end; in its midst, they are at a loss; do know how to move it forward, don’t know how to bring it order; Beckett from inside, Fellini from outside…? At any rate, haven’t thought of those artists in the same breath before.

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