Here, Daniel, you try too — it’s only water — but what is a waterbrain? — it’s the most powerful liquor in the world, drink up philosopher, it will turn us into an unstoppable trio — Dad, can I fill up another pitcher? — You bet, son! — Why do I feel so powerful all of a sudden, like nothing can stop me, like nothing can get in my way? — It’s because water! the most amazing, most supercharged element in creation! it is what we need, Daniel, and not one jot more than that or other than that — here let me have another glass — I’ll pour — heh! let someone else have a turn! —

And when their thirst had been slaked, and more than slaked, the three sat together on the couch, united in what they called Water Wisdom — “three awkward trembling parade balloons,” as she had it — ” a weird and watery night.”

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